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Inventory accounting: IFRS® Standards vs US GAAP

With Kickfurther, you can fund your entire order(s) each time you need more inventory and put your existing capital to work growing your business without adding debt or giving up equity. Sadly, theft happens, and most often it’s internal employees doing the stealing. Property inventory management and security can help you identify theft faster and […]

Millimeters mm Length Distance Conversions

You will most likely see it in online chatrooms or in text messages. Hence, you might see $1,400,000 expressed as $1.4 million or $1.4MM or $1.4mn or $1.4m. This is based off the Roman numeral “M,” which stands for 1,000, and MM, which is used to indicate 1,000,000. If the company sells 26,000 units, the […]

How do I become Quickbooks online proadvisor?

Your business could face breakdowns, safety hazards, and issues with regulatory compliance. Asset management strategies help identify and address potential risks, mitigating the risk of costly incidents and legal penalties. Furthermore, using Bookkeeping for Nonprofits: Best Practices, Tips, Resources, FAQs Dancing Numbers saves a lot of your time and money which you can otherwise invest […]

Childcare Center Accounting Home Daycare Bookkeeping

As opposed to paper-based records, digital systems are accessible to multiple users in separate locations. This makes it easier for employees to update any necessary documentation and for the business to scale. With regards to billing, digitalising invoices can be a low-lift approach to smoothen out the authoritative processes that save time at whatever point […]

Who uses IFRS Accounting Standards?

GAPP is used in the US and is better suited for companies that only operate within the US. Visit our jurisdictional use of IFRS Accounting Standards page for more information on individual jurisdictions. IFRS [Accounting Standards] adoption affected positively in reducing investment risk in domestic firms, in mitigating the ‘Korea discount’ and in attracting foreign capital via […]

Understanding the Basics: Accrual Vs Deferral in Accounting

The benefit of this is, it better matches revenue and expenses within a period of time. For the company, this means an expense was incurred in June and needs to be recorded in June. (Cash comes after.) In the month of June, we record the expense and use a liability to track what is owed to […]

What to Expect from Accounting or Bookkeeping Services

The formula behind the success of’s services is simple but well-developed. We combine a team of experts, systematized processes and procedures, and the very latest in accounting technology to ensure our clients receive the very best services to support their unique business needs. Is there someone in your office who is qualified to handle […]