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A wedding formal procedure is an important moment in any couple’s life. Whether you are Catholic, Christian or not really religious for all of the, there is no the reason why your marriage ceremony can’t be filled with meaningful traditions that celebrate the history and tradition of both you and your partner.

Adding several for these Latin wedding rituals could be a beautiful way to add your customs into your big day. They can also be a sensible way to make the wedding service feel more inclusive for just about any spiritual family members in attendance.

The Protector Ceremony

One of the most popular Latina wedding customs involves several godparents, often known as padrinos. They are a group of people that help the bride and groom throughout all their wedding get-togethers, explains Baca. They may help them get ready for the wedding, and they’ll also be accountable for different areas of the marriage. They will often give the bride and groom gift ideas, such as arras. These are 13 gold coins that represent Jesus and his doze Apostles, which the groom gives to the star of the wedding as a symbol of his guarantee to look after her.

The Encerrona Ceremony

A second common habit is the infelice, where a light ribbon is tied around the bride and groom’s necks or shoulder muscles. It is a symbol of oneness and take pleasure in, in fact it is done throughout the ceremony and also the reception. They may also have a rebozo, the place that the bride’s grandmother or mother sews blossoms on to her costume.