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With live web and Mobile projects, you’ll have real-world experience of Test planning, communication in an Agile team, and Leading a QA Team. The aerospace industry involves designing and building machinery in the space industry, including parts, missiles and rockets. As of 2015, the aerospace industry was worth over $180.3 billion, with the majority of its net worth coming from comm…

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts job growth of 25 percent between 2021 and 2023, a sizable increase from the 8 percent median growth rate for all occupations. According to the BLS, the average salary for a QA automation engineer is $48,960 [6]. Even at the low end of the spectrum, your potential earnings are well above the national average for all occupations. As a QA automation tester, you’ll work with various testing types to solve specific issues and meet business objectives. For example, you might use it to test the graphical user interface (GUI) to test keystrokes, mouse clicks, and other functions to ensure the user experience will be positive and consistent. I took the Manual software Quality Assurance course with Spin Career guys and it helped me a lot especially with interview handling.

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Consider enrolling in an online introductory course like the Software Product Management Specialization. Or, if you’re ready for more advanced concepts, hone your skills with a Software Development Lifecycle Specialization. QA automation testing isn’t only a relatively new field, but it’s also one poised for potential growth. If you’re unsure of the possibilities, consider some of the recent statistics.

qa automation engineer course

It is an internationally recognized certification that verifies the ability to design, develop, and execute effective tests for mobile applications. A QA tester is someone who works with software or a website to ensure it runs properly. They try to prevent faulty apps or other technology from getting to the customer. QA testers accomplish this by running a variety of manual and automated tests while the product is in development.

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As a quality assurance (QA) tester, you can ensure websites and applications run smoothly. Learn more about what a QA tester does and earns in the following article. This comprehensive curriculum covers more than 15 automation qa automation engineer course testing tools and technologies to make your profile stand out as an Automation Test Engineer. This role is an upper-level role, charged with assessing and improving software quality in this upper-level role.

qa automation engineer course